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born in 1972, Belgrade, Yugoslavia 

based in Saint-Etienne, France

member of La Maison des Artistes  (French Association of Artists) 

member of MAPRAA (Maison des Arts Plastiques et visuels Auvergne Rhône-Alpes)


Jelena is particularly interested in memory and the unconscious in the genesis of the abstract painting. She presents her work "untitled" leaving its interpretation and appreciation up to the viewer’s own imagination. 


She explores colour using her favourite mediums of both acrylic and oil pastel on paper. It is a continuous process of interaction between artist and surface: painting and drawing right up to the edge of the paper, she adds, subtracts, scrapes or covers creating an almost archeological work that is clearly connected to her career path. She is also influenced by travel and long, slow walks where she allows herself to be submerged by nature and its moods.

Architect and urban planner, Jelena has always been drawing. In 2017 she attended classes at Martin Reyna’s studio in Paris where she began painting. In 2018, she lived in the studio of painter Mira Maoduš (former studio of Chaïm Soutine) in Cité Falguière in Paris, which strongly fueled her imagination. Thanks to a chance encounter in 2019, she became interested in the process of image creation and now considers nature and emotion as fundamental resources in her art. That same year, she attended Nuala Clarke's workshop at Ballinglen Arts Foundation (Ballycastle, Ireland), which deeply moved Jelena, confirming her path in abstract art and clarifying her relationship with nature. 

Jelena exhibited for the first time in Paris, in 2019.


2022 (Nov)  Workshop A fresh approach to watercolours                              led by John Short

                    Artform, contemporary school of art
                    Dunmore East, Ireland

2022            SPARK         

                    Course online          

                    led by Nicholas Wilton, Art2Life 

2022            The Creative Breadcrumbs Challenge                                        Online workshop

                    led by Nicholas Wilton, Art2Life                             2022            Several short workshops           

                    (mindfulness and art, botanical                                                  drawing, historical building drawing)                                          National Gallery of Ireland

                    IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art)

                    Dublin, Ireland

2022            Urban Landscape workshop

                    with Mary Burke

                    National College of Art and Design (NCAD)                              Dublin, Ireland

2022            Abstraction Workshop

                    with Nuala Clarke

                    Ballinglen Arts Foundation,

                    Ballycastle, Ireland

2022 | 23     Ceramics classes (long training)

                    Florence Bruyas' studio

                    Saint-Etienne, France

2019            Nuala Clarke's workshop,

                    Ballinglen Arts Foundation,

                    Ballycastle, Ireland

2017 | 19     Classes

                    Martin Reyna's studio

                    Paris, France           

2004            Master's degree (research)

                    City and society

                    University of Paris Nanterre


2001            Master's degree (specialization)

                    Architectural and urban acoustics

                    Sorbonne University Campus

                    Pierre and Marie Curie

                    Paris, France

1998            Bachelor of Architecture

                    Faculty of Architecture

                    Belgrade, Yugoslavia

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